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Daystar Farms Training Center was founded in 1980 and is owned and operated by Lori A. Forge, Sue and Duane Hoerauf, with the help of their dedicated staff. Daystar is located in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is approximately two hours south of Portland and just an hour and 30 minutes away the Pacific Ocean and the Majestic Cascade Mountain Range.

lori-forge-trainer-performer-driving-instructorLori A. Forge (trainer, performer, driving instructor)
Lori was a cheerleader for the University of Oregon and an elite level gymnast. Second to Lori's faith, her devotion and love is focussed on equines. She has been gifted with the ability to read and feel the horse's needs and has turned her gift into a working method for training some of the finest mules, horses, and donkeys in the Northwest. Those of us that have been fortunate to own an animal trained by Lori consider that gift most special. Lori loves her role with Daystar Farms Training Center and loves interacting with people and looks forward to long future providing horse and owner the best in training and related services.

duane-hoeraufDuane Hoerauf (project manager, transporter)
Duane is one of the backbones of Daystar. Duane contributes to the mechanical needs of the business. Duane also plans and organizes Daystar's shows and road trips acquiring permits and planning routes to and from road shows and competitions. Duane is a volunteer for the Police Department as he feels strongly that we all should be giving back to our communities. In addition to being an additional header when Lori's starting driving, Duane has developed an interest in combined driving singles and pairs and will compete his own mini horse this year.

sue-hoeraufSue Hoerauf (seamstress, spotter, transporter)
Sue, married to Duane, is the seamstress of the group, designing and putting together the show clothes, a job she loves. Sue is also the "spotter" for when Lori is trying to sort some form of training routine that needs a grounds-man's eye. Though "Mom wouldn't say this," all of Lori's ground skills were passed on to her by Sue.


Brian Jones-rider-roper-farrierBrian Jones (rider, roper, farrier)
Brian came to Daystar at age five and has been groomed to be one of the finest riders in the business and is an expert roper earning him a collection of blue ribbons. Brian is also a an expert in equines hoof care and tackles some of the "hard" stock, and always gets good reviews by experts. In fact at one of the shows, Lori was told by the show judge that the hooves on her mules were the finest he had ever seen - a tribute to Brian's craftsmanship and care. Also, Brian is instrumental in training and driving pairs and has a love for draft animals.

Emily Miller (rider)
Daystar would not be able to be Daystar without Emily Miller, she came to Daystar when she was nine and has been with Daystar ever since. Lori helped train her mule. Emily is a fine rider and has helped promote the mules, donkeys, and horses. She can be counted on to look over our animals' wellbeing while on the road and at shows.

Daystar Farms Training Center


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Eugene, Oregon 97405
Phone: 541-345-1337

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